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Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

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That's where Raleigh General Hospital's wound care team can help. With state-of-the-art treatments available including debridement, dressing selection, special shoes, and patient education, people with non-healing and chronic wounds now have a place to turn. The Center uses an interdisciplinary model of care, including infectious-disease management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, laboratory evaluation, nutritional management, pain management, diabetes education, and other areas to address total patient health.

我们的中心是这个地区唯一的高级伤口护理中心,有两个高压氧治疗室. Our multidisciplinary team includes a podiatric surgeon, general surgeons, 担任放射肿瘤学家、传染病和血管外科医生的顾问.

Chronic wounds: a growing problem

It is estimated that 6.目前有700万人患有慢性伤口,预计这一数字在未来十年将以2%以上的速度增长. 人口老龄化和糖尿病等疾病发病率的上升推动了发病率的上升, obesity and the late effects of radiation therapy. 慢性伤口未经治疗可导致生活质量下降,并可能导致受影响肢体截肢. 慢性伤口对医疗保健系统的成本超过500亿美元. More than 29 million people (9.在美国,5%的人口患有糖尿病,每年有近200万人患上糖尿病足溃疡或其他无法愈合的伤口. 先进的伤口护理旨在以更快、更经济的方式预防截肢和治愈患者.

IM体育的高级伤口护理和高压医学中心, 我们遵循为每种类型的伤口专门制定的治疗方案. 我们利用最新的方法来伤口愈合,并保持当前在伤口护理的新科学进展.

A team of wound care specialists

IM体育的高级伤口护理和高压医学中心旨在补充您的医生的服务,并致力于治疗慢性或不愈合的伤口. The Center is made up of a team of professionals, including:

  • 在伤口处理和高压氧治疗方面受过高级培训的医生
  • Nursing staff trained in the care of chronic wounds 
  • Technicians who perform non-invasive studies and various therapies 
  • 经验丰富的工作人员协助预约、医疗记录和健康保险处理 
  • A personalized wound treatment program

What to expect from the first appointment

Patients are mostly referred by their primary care physician, but a referral is not always necessary to make an appointment. 病人接受彻底的诊断检查,以确定你的伤口类型和造成伤口的潜在问题. 最初的预约包括一个全面的评估,以确定伤口的病因, the appropriate classification and size of the wound, 患者的整体健康状况和患者接受所需治疗的能力.

Based on the evaluation, 一个定制的治疗计划,以优化治疗最适合解决病人的需要. 伤口的大小和深度在初次就诊时记录,并在每次后续就诊时再次记录. Some of the diagnostic modalities which may be used include:

  • Laboratory evaluation 
  • Radiology (including MRI) 
  • Transcutaneous oxygen testing 
  • Vascular studies, electrocardiogram 
  • Ultrasound

After this determination, 一个专门针对患者需求的项目将根据最有效的治疗方案启动. 将采用跨学科的方法来提供最大可能的治疗.

Specialized wound care is usually administered on an outpatient basis. Patients are free to drive themselves to the Center for therapy, and should plan 2 ½ to 3 hours for each visit.

What is specialized wound care?

Once a treatment plan has been initiated, 患者将定期到中心接受专门治疗,并记录您的康复进展. 病人也将被充分指导如何在家中进行自己的伤口护理, as well as how to protect their wounds from further injury.  记住病人是治愈过程中最重要的部分是非常重要的.  遵守预约和听从指示对于获得积极的治疗效果至关重要. The Center employs the most technologically advanced wound care therapy, including debridement, topical wound therapy, growth-factor therapy, tissue therapy, dressing selection, special shoes, and patient education.  当伤口持续存在时,需要一种专门和全面的治疗方法.  

Preparing for treatments

After an initial consultation and examination at the Center, 患者将收到有关其治疗的完整说明. 
注意:在整个治疗过程中,请不要吸烟或使用任何烟草制品. 由于烟草对血管的影响,使用烟草会延长甚至阻止伤口的愈合. 

Sick or on medication?

If the patient has a cold or cough, the flu, sore throat, chills, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, inform the staff at the Center before their treatments begin. 患者还需要提醒工作人员他们正在服用的任何药物, or changes in medication during the course of their treatment. If the patient is diabetic, 我们要求他们合理饮食并继续服用处方药物来控制血糖水平. (注:患者的血糖水平也将在每次访问中心时进行检查.)

We look forward to serving our community. Please contact a member of our staff with any other questions. 

1710 Harper Road
Beckley, WV  25801
Monday -- Friday 8:00 am -- 4:30 pm


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